Nancy Grogan

Revering the Human Body – by Marvin Lim

Reverence for human life is a Catholic principle that, quite obviously, should shape how we, as Catholics, think through the problem of gun violence. This reverence manifests itself in our respect both for the human right to self-defense, as well as the need for limitations on that right, to protect all human lives. Both are important ethical considerations for determining… Read more →

The American College of Physicians on Gun Violence

The American College of Physicians (ACP) this year published a position paper on reducing firearms deaths and Injuries. [1] It is partially a repeat of its policies as published in 2014, and a broadening of the discussion, as it advocates the need for a multifaceted and comprehensive approach consistent with the Second Amendment. The following is a synopsis of its… Read more →

The Just War Doctrine – A Primer

An increasingly common topic in Catholic publications is whether and how Catholic Social Teaching applies to the problem of gun violence.  One compelling theory is that the ownership and use of firearms should be governed by the principles of the Just War.[1] It is suggested that, by analogy to the Just War principles which govern whether and how countries go… Read more →