Monthly Archives: October 2018

Why the Political Process is Not Enough

On October 12, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed into law a requirement that persons subject to Protection from Abuse orders are to relinquish their guns within 24 hours of being served with the order. This is a departure from the previous practice of a 60-day turnover. In addition, subjects are to relinquish their guns to either the police, gun dealer,… Read more →

The Enemy of the Good

A key principle of Catholic teaching is the idea that there are some moral issues which are more important than all others.[1]  There are definitive and undiluted principles, a hierarchy of evils, under which murder is classified as a more serious sin than theft, and abortion is worse than deceit.  Catholics are to avoid the more serious evils, and they… Read more →

What We Catholics Believe About Gun Violence

In times of uncertainty, clear direction seems difficult to find. As media consumers, we get caught up in the minutiae of debate and opinion on every conceivable topic, including gun violence. American Catholics have both privileges and responsibilities, as people of faith in a nation which recognizes and upholds the Second Amendment.  Perhaps it is useful at times like these… Read more →