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"... Americans today possess about 300 million firearms. No one can be under the illusion that limiting their number and use would be enough to impede horrendous massacres ... But it would be much worse if we were to satisfy ourselves with only words. And if the massacres are carried out by people with mental illness or distorted by hate, there is no doubt that they are carried out with arms. Forty-seven religious leaders of various confessions and religions have issued a call to American politicians to limit firearms ... I’m with them. ... Therefore, it is necessary to repeat tirelessly our calls for disarmament, to oppose the production, trade and smuggling of arms of all types, fueled by dishonourable interests for power of financial gain… Peace is born from the heart, but it will be easier to achieve if we have fewer weapons in hand.” - Vatican Radio, 1/19/2013

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Let your voice be heard with Senator Bob Casey this evening at 6:00pm. This is especially for our students and young adults. We want to make sure your voices are heard in planning next steps!

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" The Second Amendment to the Constitution affirms the right of citizens to own firearms. But any right has its limits; hence all rights require regulation. We recognize that truth with regard to the rights of free speech, free association, and the practice of religious beliefs."

Cardinal Sean O'Malley, regarding the March for Our Lives, at the Mass for Peace, Justice, and Healing, March 24, 2018.

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A portion of the proceeds from this will be going to March for Our Lives. ...

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Philadelphia Catholics for Fewer Guns shared Mic's Constitutional Lawyer explains the 2nd amendment. ...

A constitutional lawyer reveals the truth about the Second Amendment — and how it doesn't support many of the NRA's claims.

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